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Public notice

— I ain't fucking buying that.

— That's handy because I ain't fucking selling it. It's a fact.

by Guy Ritchie

1. Snatch is a leakage data base open for public use.

2. Snatch does not assume any responsibility for the information and the methods of its acquisition.

3. Snatch is ready to cooperate with any groups and companies that provide exclusive information for its further publication. The information source should in that case refuse to carry any responsibility for this information.

4. Snatch is ready to publish information of any content and confidential level ignoring all the possible consequences.

5. All responsibility for the publications lies upon the persons who made the information leakage possible from the sources they have been entrusted with.

6. Snatch publishes personal data and contacts of the personalities who are responsible for data leakage and made it possible.

7. All the information and data published on our resource is of public use and can be shared with similar resources – but the right of the first publication always belongs to the Snatch team.

8. Snatch is open to the collaboration with any media to make data leakage situations shared and visible to wide range of people.

9. Snatch is always open for a dialogue with the owners of the data and is willing to solve the situation. One can always contact us within the confidential chat room or with the help of feedback form.

10. All negotiations are possible only with the means of our chat platform and are kept absolutely confidential.

11. Snatch does not assume any responsibility for the data publication consequences and confidential data usage. All the responsibility lies upon those who made the data leakage possible.


Press release

S.N.Atch Manifesto

2024-01-26 06:24:00 PM

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. In connection with the current catastrophic situation in the field of cybersecurity in the United States and other countries, in order to accelerate changes in the attitude of the existing authorities to the ongoing leaks and huge data dumping into the public segment of the Internet, we have decided not to publish any more information according to the scheme - impersonal business and impersonal power.

Business and power are united and go hand in hand. And each leak has its own name and face, both from the side of the business that allowed it and from the side of the authorities covering this business. That's why from now on each of our publications will be accompanied by personal data of presidents (owners of companies) and personal data of representatives of authorities assigned to this region. If the authorities don't care about personal data of ordinary citizens, then they don't care about their own data leakage either. That's why from now on all publications will follow a new formula - the face of the company, the face of the representative of the authority covering the company. De jure, any government official has the same rights and freedoms as ordinary citizens, so if a company voluntarily leaks its customers' and partners' data to the network, the government official responsible for legislation in this area should also be leaked. We do not hope to change the world and the government's attitude to what is happening, but we want you to know the face of those responsible for your cyber genocide.

S.N.Atch out of politics

2023-10-11 11:00:00 PM

Many of our subscribers ask how we feel about what is happening in the world. Why, unlike, for example, Killnet or pro-Ukrainian hacker groups, we do not make loud statements and do not indicate our position on what is happening in the world. Why there are no targets on our portal, that are attached to one or another side in the confrontation. The answer is simple. We believe that it is unacceptable to deprive a person of life. Life is a great gift, given not by man, but to man. And under no circumstances, under no excuses another person has a right to take away this gift. Never on our portals you will find neither Russian, nor Ukrainian, nor Israeli, nor Palestinian targets. And we will ban with no mercy those who try to post them.

We want to prevent an imminent catastrophe, the name of which is World War III. And this war will not be as you are used to seeing it - explosions, deaths, bombings. Half of it will be held in cyberspace, thanks to the connivance of those who sneer at network security. We have already described on the channel attacks on a couple of targets that could collapse if they had been blocked. And there are thousands of such targets, and with a well-planned and organized attack it is possible to plunge the entire critical infrastructure of a single country into deep chaos. And the damage including human lives from such an attack will be much higher and much scarier than from bombing!

That is why we are against the coming apocalypse and we are trying by all possible means to draw your attention, the attention of the entire world community to the existing problems. This is our position, this is our mission and we will always keep to the chosen path. So do not wait for loud statements as other groups do, blood and tears cannot be justified! The precept "thou shalt not murder" - has no footnotes or annotations!

Security Notification Attachment

2023-09-27 12:00:00 AM

We have been very often written about in various media in recent times. 

We look through these articles and unfortunately we see the same mistake 

in them that the media repeat year after year, without bothering to check the

data and study the history of the project. So we decided to help them.

First of all we have nothing to do with the Snatch ransomware project that 

appeared in 2019 and existed for about 2 years. 

We are the Security Notification Attachment (SNAtch for short) Team, 

a group specializing exclusively in leaked sensitive data. 

We don't deal with locking companies or critical infrastructure, 

we don't aim to stop a company from operating by attacking it with software 

that blocks the control servers. 

If journalists analyze our work carefully, 

they will see that not a single client of ours has been attacked by a malware

that can be called Snatch. 

Yes, many of them have been attacked by various ransomware,

as we are open for cooperation and often groups that work in this direction

give us unique confidential data that were leaked from the attacked companies. 

But once again, the Snatch locker that we are compared to in the media has never been used. 

We believe that in order to solve the issue of computer security of the attacked company

it is necessary not to pressure with threats to completely stop the functioning of the company, 

but the make voluntary obligation of the managers of the company for:

- data leaks

- network architecture leaks 

- leaks of personal data of the company's management

In addition to payment, it is important for us that the company's management realizes

its responsibility for its customers and re-equips the network perimeter on a full scale. 

Otherwise these leaks will continue year after year.

So the main thing that we want to say and convey to you is that

the Security Notification Attachment Team (SNAtch for short) has nothing to do with the Snatch

ransomware project. We are always open for cooperation and communication and if you 

have any questions we are ready to answer them here  in our tg channel https://t.me/snatch_team

Attention! Check out our manifesto! S.N.Atch Manifesto posted in the Press Release menu. It fundamentally changes the approaches to the work of the project and the attitude to working with targets. https://snatchteam.cc/#press_release

Your presence at this page means that we obtain your sensitive information and in case of your silence and refuse to bear responsibility all this data will be published no matter how important and confidential it is.

Apr 2, 2024 12:24 AM


Butler, Lavanceau & Sober
Full Data

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team

Persons responsible for data leakage:

Phone: (202) 727-2643

Address: 1350 Penn Ave NW FL 5 washington district of columbia

Date of registration: 2022-04-01 23:08:17.

Date of Birth: 1972-08-02

Document number: No Document

Job Title: Mayor of District of Columbia DC elected in 2015

Name: Muriel

Apr 2, 2024 12:05 AM


Miki Travel Limited

MIKI Travel has a dedicated team of hundreds of multilingual, professional staff, providing sales, customer service, ground operations, finance and IT support to our trade clients around the globe. Our affiliate offices around the world are managed and staffed by carefully selected industry professionals.

Mar 4, 2024 10:39 PM


HSPG & Associates
New 180 GB

180 GB , 205,877 Files, 25,598 Folders of confidential information has been moved to our servers.

database backups Professional Tax Software | Tax Preparer Software | Intuit ProSeries

Mar 5, 2024 04:27 PM


US government (private data) +Rothschild&Rockefeller

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team

If you are wary of downloading information from our portal, all of it is duplicated in the open in our telegram channel.

Joseph (Joe) Robinett Biden Jr.(+ Bonus Hunter Biden )

Lloyd James Austin III

Antony John Blinken

William Joseph Burns


Mar 7, 2024 10:24 PM


Hawbaker Engineering
Full Data

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team Persons responsible for data leakage:

Gary Pate: Senior Construction Manager




[email protected]

[email protected]

g*[email protected];

Full name:

pate gary



40.79597222 -77.8293333

40.861528 -77.782954

40.86169444 -77.7829166

40.91241666 -77.7676111


2780 Benner Pike


2780 benner pike bellefonte pennsylvania




Bellefonte 2780 Benner Pike

Pennsylvania Bellefonie 2780 Bkrnbh Pike

pennsylvania, united states rheinland-pfalz

Pennsylvania|Centre County Bellefonte

Pennsylvania|Centre County

Mar 7, 2024 10:23 PM


Banco Promerica
Full Data

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team Persons responsible for data leakage:

Dr Irving Francis McIntyre

Here is his dossier:




Encrypted passwords:






Email:[email protected]     

Phone:(767) 266 3340

Fax:(767) 448 0054


Possible real estate, as reports say he traveled to the US frequently:

Street suffix: St.

Address: 12 Woolson St

Street: Woolson

Time zone: 5

State: CT


Mar 5, 2024 09:54 PM


Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Full Data

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team Persons responsible for data leakage:

M P Ahammed:


https://www.facebook.com/MPAhammed/ - userID:100045520211114 - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100045520211114



[email protected]

[email protected];

Encrypted password:






































Was seen at the following Address:

PK 04 Lahore 54000

BD 81 Dhaka 1000;


Longitude: 77.6050022

Latitude: 12.9643214

Name: M P Ahammed

Device: samsung | 28 | | 1205 | gps-

Mar 12, 2024 11:39 PM


Seven Seas Group

Seven Seas is a global maritime services group that specializes in providing general ship supplies, stores, provisions, and leading technical maritime brands through its extensive global network. Over five decades, Seven Seas has strived to be a trusted partner to our customers. Founded in 1971,

Apr 2, 2024 12:03 AM


Retirement Line
Full Data

More information in our telegram channel https://t.me/snatch_team

Persons responsible for data leakage:

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt is a British politician serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer since 2022. Wikipedia

Born: November 1, 1966 (age 57 years), Kennington, London, United Kingdom

Spouse: Lucia Hunt (m.

Mar 19, 2024 12:14 AM


Dörr Group

Dürfen wir uns vorstellen? Wir sind Evelyn und Rainer Dörr. Wir sind Spezialisten für Supersportwagen – aber eigentlich geht es uns vor allem um Sie und was Sie vorhaben. Motorsport? Touren? Tolle Menschen treffen? Benzingespräche führen? Experten sprechen? Wir hätten da einige Ideen. Ideen, die